A December to Forget

I'm not the sort to do monthly writing roundups on the blog - mainly because there's never much to say - but it's been a while and I've seemed quiet. I guess the goal to blog more can be left on the to-do list. However, and despite the silence, I have been making a little … Continue reading A December to Forget

NEW: For Alexander (Henry Sterling Grieves)

In these tough times, I've managed at least to work on my craft a bit more. Some of it, however, is of course staring out of the window, trying to tie together the character motivations and backgrounds and . The usual writer stuff. Out of that comes some sunshine. In this case, it's wondering about … Continue reading NEW: For Alexander (Henry Sterling Grieves)

7 Quick Takes: It’s Been a While

Or, at least, it feels that way to me. I have been so busy as I said the other day, but I'm trying to keep in order with the blog, even if I'm only doing three or four posts a week (and one is a reblog). ~1~ I’m soon going to start collecting data for … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes: It’s Been a While