Photo of the Week: Copycat

Because cat photos. Life with three cats is interesting, but ultimately one of the best experiences I have had. With all their three personalities, every day is something different. But it is indeed Marmite who is the most...intriguing. She is the most territorial, yet she is in herself shy. She is one to dine-and-dash, so … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Copycat

Photo of the Week: Curious Is the Cat

It's another cat photo, yay! Haha, I met this fluffy long-haired fellow at the weekend in Reading for the Swing Dance exchange. They needed some persuasion, but eventually I coaxed one cat over, where they suddenly showered with me attention. I took a number of this beauty as they walked the garden fence following me, and … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Curious Is the Cat

Photo of the Week: Nature’s

Back to the days of old when I used to take so many nature photos...back when I consciously had a thought "what should I do for a photo of the day/week?" I guess I'm back, back to my nature roots and the cuteness I find in the world around me 🙂 This is a cygnet on … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Nature’s

Photo of the Week: Egyptian Goslings

One of those revision-break walks around Reading lake. These are our Egyptian Geese with this year's goslings. I've seen a lot of goslings in my two years in Reading, but very few young Egyptian Geese. The adults themselves are rather...fearsome, but the young are so cute and fluffy. Well, look at that little gosling!

Photo of the Week: More Cat

This is Smokey J. He is a friend of the family's and so we're looking after him and his house-mate for a short while. Lots of photo opportunities then, hey? I love taking photos of cats (hence the title) - they are so easy to I mean, no they're not - like squirrels, they know … Continue reading Photo of the Week: More Cat