7 Quick Takes: Shakespeare, Swing, Subjectivity Research

The busyness of my weeks barely permit me to have time to write a post, and I'm squeezing in each as I go, stealing spare pennies. 7 Quick Takes Friday is hosted by Kelly of This Ain't the Lyceum. ~1~ As usual, I start with the work. I've been doing research for my third year … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes: Shakespeare, Swing, Subjectivity Research

Happy Steam-Powered Christmas

I suspect anybody reading this on Christmas Day will have also read a thousand Christmas posts. So, I wanted to do something different, and have gathered a few lovely Steampunk Christmas pictures from the web. A mechanical and copper bauble? That's a slightly creepy Father Christmas necklace. If you want a faerie or supernatural edge … Continue reading Happy Steam-Powered Christmas

Woodland Portfolio

|Two exams down, six to go.| Today I thought I'd share some photos I took recently of the woods and lake on my campus. If you'd like to use them as inspiration pieces for fiction, feel free. I think I'll allow modifications to the photos if you credit me and link me through (I'd love … Continue reading Woodland Portfolio

Extolling the Virtues of Steampunk Subgenres

Yes, WTCB is more NeoVictorian than Steampunk – rather than being set in the 19th Century, NeoVictorian or ‘Victoriana’ novels are set in the modern century with Victorian manners, class systems and technology as I hope WTCB is, whilst being set in 2010 – but with the devising of my new Steampunk novel ‘H’, I’ve … Continue reading Extolling the Virtues of Steampunk Subgenres

KA Last’s Immagica Map Reveal

Woo, I'm part of the bloghop map reveal of KA Last's new novel Immagica. (I'd advise clicking on the image to see the intricacies. It's so pwetty.) I met KA when I was part of her team for Pitcharama, a learning curve for me in my query and first pages. Since then, we've also worked on … Continue reading KA Last’s Immagica Map Reveal

Maleficent Seven Cover Talk

A post today just to be a fan and squee a bit. Any Skulduggery Pleasant or Derek Landy fans out there? I was randomly surfing the internet when I saw that he'd posted the paperback cover of the spin-off novella, The Maleficent Seven (okay, he did this over a week ago, but I've only just found it, and my blog is kinda … Continue reading Maleficent Seven Cover Talk