Suicide Prevention Week

Important words about suicide by writer Trish Marie Dawson.


Did you know that it’s Suicide Prevention Week? Having experienced suicide in my own family, and spending the last several years researching it for the Station series, I know a little about the topic, but I’m not a counselor or a doctor. I’m just a person, who, like so many others, has been left behind after someone has made the choice to let go. This topic, something so integrated into our society now, and such a huge stress for our youth especially, is still not talked about enough. There’s an invisible barrier up around it, which I challenge everyone to break down and discuss more, because the hardest part about losing someone to suicide is the not knowing how you could have helped them stay. And the more depression and harmful thoughts are talked about and shared, I firmly believe the more support can be given to help those in…

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From the Log of the Social Sec: The Adventures of MudGirl

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All Things Are Passing Me

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