Beautiful People: H’s Cathy

*gasp* What is this, an actual Beautiful People post on my blog in 2016? I know, I’ve been as lax in keeping up with the writing tag as a printer sans ink, partly because I’ve not tackled any new big novels for a while and instead have been trying to focus on the importance of … Continue reading Beautiful People: H’s Cathy

Beautiful People: Lady Chronaire

Beautiful People this month is focused on summery questions. Ahem. Which is apt for the pouring rain we’re having in Scotland today. Since I’ve just finished my novella for Camp NaNoWriMo (with its Pinterest board), I’m going to talk about my protagonist, somewhat ironically named Summer. What’s their favourite ice cream flavour? Summer doesn’t tend … Continue reading Beautiful People: Lady Chronaire

Beautiful People: Cathy’s Parents

Let’s talk about Cathy’s parents. It’s Beautiful People time again, and this month’s theme is parents/guardians. I’m taking a break from WTCB for now, and besides, last month I talked about Mrs. Costello, the mother of the hero of WTCB, so I’m running on two parents addition, sorry. The thing about writing [non-YA] Steampunk is that … Continue reading Beautiful People: Cathy’s Parents

Beautiful People: The Lady of The House

As I am busy polishing WTCB, my May Beautiful People (hosted by the effervescent Cait and Sky) is focused thusly. Today, we take a look back in time to pre-Phillip era when Octavia Costello was still young and bright. As I intend to write Zara, in her LSOT exploits, travelling back to the early days … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Lady of The House

Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Time for the monthly Beautiful People meme hosted by the lovely lasses Cait and Sky. This month’s topic of interest was of siblings, those mysterious people we have no choice but to know because we grew up with them. I write a lot of siblings, so this could have been a difficult choice for me … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Beautiful People: Greetings to Patience

I'm still editing - and trying to balance the two academic and creative meanings of 'revision' - so I have no fully-formed character to present for you. Instead, I'm going to have a new-new character for this month's great questions of the Beautiful People tag (hosted by Cait and Sky). Patience (surname-not-yet-created) is the MC … Continue reading Beautiful People: Greetings to Patience

Beautiful People: The Valentine’s Edition

(Far be it for me to dictate against inspiration from commercialism…) For this month’s Beautiful People, hosted by Cait and Sky, since it’s February, they decided to do a Valentine’s edition and look at significant relationships of these beautiful people/characters. I would be insane not to look at Aidelle and Phillip, and, unsurprisingly, I have … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Valentine’s Edition

Hello, My Name is Writer

As part of Cait and Sky’s Beautiful People monthly meme, this month we’re looking at – gulp! – the authors. So, me… How many years have you been writing? When did you officially consider yourself a ‘writer’? Hum, I guess I officially considered myself a writer when I finished my first longer-than-short-story piece of work, aged … Continue reading Hello, My Name is Writer

Beautiful Books: Plotting UTC

Instead of the usual Beautiful People meme, this month Cait and Sky decided that, because next month is NaNo, they’d focus on Beautiful Books – and the three key elements of plotting (this month), writing, and *shudder* editing. Whilst I’m not doing NaNo, this is still a little of an opportunity for me to talk … Continue reading Beautiful Books: Plotting UTC

Beautiful People Linkup – Villains Edition: Christine

I totally didn’t forget about Beautiful People this month. Nope, that was not me xD. So, here’s a slightly later linkup than usual, on a Saturday because I realise next Wednesday is no September of this world! (It’s hard to believe it’s already soon October!) Meme by Notebook Sisters and Further Up and Further In. … Continue reading Beautiful People Linkup – Villains Edition: Christine