The Death of the Blog?

I recently watched this video of popular YouTube polymath Tom Scott. A fascinating video regardless - of course we're never going to be able to predict the future word-for-word or tech-for-tech, and I cannot really add my opinion about all those accurate guesses about phones. As Tom mentions, some parts of the future are … Continue reading The Death of the Blog?

Time Is a Flighty Thing…

…And I have indeed not noticed it passing until it has gone. I had planned to write one 'last' blog post before I gave birth - but, ha, that didn't happen. Not to help the matter, our little one arrived a week early - but, though smaller than expected (by me), they've been in perfect … Continue reading Time Is a Flighty Thing…

One Day at a Time.

I used to think blogging was about writing extensive posts filled with long details or essays of pensive arguments – I was a dedicated uni student for four years, after all – and this was one of the things that always made me take my time with each post or leave me with many posts … Continue reading One Day at a Time.

Merry Christmas

Another year, another Christmas message. Well, I hope you all have had a good day this Christmas 2018 and that have a good New Year. Let's see what the following year has in store - I hope it's something good for you. As per my last post - no resolutions apart from the usual ones … Continue reading Merry Christmas

New House, New Place

There's something to be said about keeping to a blogging schedule. I deeply admire people who are able to do it. As for me...once again, I seem to be falling behind any schedule I endeavoured to create. Never fear, though, since it doesn't mean I'm not writing! I have lots of things going through my … Continue reading New House, New Place

Keep Poised!

Sorry for the silence (again)! I'm working on some new blog posts, but they are scraps, so there's nought I can actually post at the moment. But keep peeled! I just wanted to apologise for the absence. And for your patience, here's an exclusive extract of one of the novels I'm editing, H. ~ “Did … Continue reading Keep Poised!

The Autumn Tag

Engie of Musings From Neville’s Navel tagged me in this lovely Autumn tag to answer some Autumn-related questions. I feel partially rather ignorant on some of these questions, mainly due to my lack of experience with pumpkin-related activities. But let’s give it a crack, eh! The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves? Leaves! They … Continue reading The Autumn Tag

I Don’t Use Gifs

I’ve noticed that a lot of popular blog posts, particularly those aimed at YA writers & readers, use an array of images and gifs to illustrate their points and posts. They're stunning posts, in my perspective, from people who know how to properly take advantage of website design. Alas, I'm not one of those people. … Continue reading I Don’t Use Gifs

Quick Take Friday – Jobs, Vocations, & Being

(Or Saturday, but nobody’s counting. You can catch up with the rest of 7QTF at This Ain’t the Lyceum) ~1~ I am dancing again, woo! Managed to find (as if it were such a feat) a group in York who are pretty easy to reach and laid back, too. ~2~ This week has been nothing … Continue reading Quick Take Friday – Jobs, Vocations, & Being