5 Senses

Taking inspiration from NevilleGirl's post, of the 5 different senses in writing. Whereas she listed examples of senses to use in writing, I thought I’d challenge myself further by writing a little piece of description for each that could be relevant in my novel. Smell In amongst the soft chugging of steam from the device’s … Continue reading 5 Senses

Beautiful People: H’s Cathy

*gasp* What is this, an actual Beautiful People post on my blog in 2016? I know, I’ve been as lax in keeping up with the writing tag as a printer sans ink, partly because I’ve not tackled any new big novels for a while and instead have been trying to focus on the importance of … Continue reading Beautiful People: H’s Cathy

Beautiful People: Cathy’s Parents

Let’s talk about Cathy’s parents. It’s Beautiful People time again, and this month’s theme is parents/guardians. I’m taking a break from WTCB for now, and besides, last month I talked about Mrs. Costello, the mother of the hero of WTCB, so I’m running on two parents addition, sorry. The thing about writing [non-YA] Steampunk is that … Continue reading Beautiful People: Cathy’s Parents

Beautiful Books: Let’s Talk Editing H

Beautiful Books this month is looking at the third segment of writing - that is, editing the prose and first drafts we've written. So, let's talk editing. I'm editing right this minute, actually. (Well, not right this minute; right now, I'm writing this sentence and about to head into the kitchen to make lunch, but I … Continue reading Beautiful Books: Let’s Talk Editing H

Quick Takes Friday About Ends of Holidays and Beginnings, and CampNaNo

Join me and the other Catholic bloggers through ConversionDiary discussing our week. 🙂 ~1~ I had to pop home from Suffolk on Tuesday, and whilst I was understandably sad to leave a friend I hadn’t seen since her birthday last November, it’s always nice to be back at home and into the old routine. However, … Continue reading Quick Takes Friday About Ends of Holidays and Beginnings, and CampNaNo

Ready. Set. Write Update 28/7

It’s Monday again, and like the exact opposite of Garfield, I love Mondays, yay! It's Ready. Set. Write! update day, and I've made quite some good progress this week, I believe, including a lot towards my total summer goal of 'having a social life', ie. going out and doing things, as opposed to sitting in … Continue reading Ready. Set. Write Update 28/7

Beautiful People: Cathy

Sticking with the theme (check out yesterday’s post about the Steampunk world I’m creating!), the character whom I’m interviewing for this month’s Beautiful People link up – hosted by Cait @ Notebook Sisters and Sky @ Further Up and Further In – is Miss Cathleen ‘Cathy’ , MC of my CampWriMo novel, Horology. Cathy is a … Continue reading Beautiful People: Cathy

Into the World of ‘H’

As you know, I’m currently ploughing through CampNaNoWriMo – all your wordcounts belong to me! – and, unlike last year…or, actually, unlike any of the other times I’ve tried writing challenges…I am writing straight onto my laptop instead of having to write on a physical notebook first (FYI, I still haven’t completely typed up DMWT … Continue reading Into the World of ‘H’

7 Quick Takes about Beginnings, Endings and An Extract

Join me and other Catholic bloggers sharing our weeks over at ConversionDiary. 🙂 ~1~ Packing. I’ll soon be saying goodbye to my current hall room, and moving back home for the summer. This means I’m currently surrounded by the remnants of my room as I dismantle it and decipher where exactly I need to pack … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Beginnings, Endings and An Extract