The Death of the Blog?

I recently watched this video of popular YouTube polymath Tom Scott. A fascinating video regardless - of course we're never going to be able to predict the future word-for-word or tech-for-tech, and I cannot really add my opinion about all those accurate guesses about phones. As Tom mentions, some parts of the future are … Continue reading The Death of the Blog?

And +1 Makes Five

As I alluded to in my previous post (however short compared to my usual sporadic ramblings here), I didn't manage to post before I gave birth. In fact, I didn't manage to do a whole host of things because I, technically, started latent labour at 38 weeks and 5 days, eventually giving birth at our … Continue reading And +1 Makes Five

One Day at a Time.

I used to think blogging was about writing extensive posts filled with long details or essays of pensive arguments – I was a dedicated uni student for four years, after all – and this was one of the things that always made me take my time with each post or leave me with many posts … Continue reading One Day at a Time.

The Amateur Runner’s Guide To Coronavirus

You need to exercise but your gym is closed. Walking only does so much and working from home means you can’t explore far in your lunch break. You can’t stop thinking about the chocolate in the cupboard. You might eat the world soon because eating is joy incomparable. Whatever the reason, you want to start … Continue reading The Amateur Runner’s Guide To Coronavirus

My Experience At Being Self-Employed

In the past, when I thought of being self-employed as a career, I had something different in my head to the reality. Not for the purpose of naivety. I just didn't have an idea, just like every child has a different idea. But it wasn't something tangible – I didn't have a set idea of … Continue reading My Experience At Being Self-Employed

A Case Of Mutual Resignation

It's Boxing Day 2018 and I have just come home from my third interview of the week. As I wrap up warm on the sofa, my phone rings. It's the internal hiring manager from the third of the interviews. "It's good news," she says, "they want to give you the job." Relief surges through me; … Continue reading A Case Of Mutual Resignation

Freedom Feels Weird

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I finished my dissertation, and thus, finished my degree. In fact, despite the gentle jokes, and more serious implications of expanding on my Master’s research, that I should go on to do a doctorate, I am finished with education. After four years, I think it’s only fair … Continue reading Freedom Feels Weird

Return to Normalcy

Well, hello, Monday. Hello, a weekday where I'm not stuck inside a textbook or anxiously scribbling away on my laptop. Books are strewn across the floor, papers are mismatched, my brain is all over the place. I feel like there are so many things I meant to do, but work and recovering from work has … Continue reading Return to Normalcy

Dropping The Miss

You may have noticed a few changes over the last couple of days. New headers, new themes, and a new tagline (sorta). That is because, in a couple of days, I will no longer be Miss Alexandrina. Not legally, anyway. I'll still be Miss in the sense of follow-me-round-a-Victorian-street, feed-the-birds, takea-your-picture-miss? I haven’t changed. I’m … Continue reading Dropping The Miss