A Shot of Reckless By Maddie Paige

Today on the blog: a cover reveal for a new college New Adult book coming out with Elephantine Publishing - A SHOT OF RECKLESS by authors writing under the name Maddie Paige. WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Art major, Roxy Thompson, is a ball of fun—but she's also careful to keep her walls intact when it comes … Continue reading A Shot of Reckless By Maddie Paige

P.A.W.S. Reboot Blog Tour With Debbie Manber Kupfer

Today, I'm welcoming author Debbie Manber Kupfer to the blog for ten questions about her novel P.A.W.S., which is going through a rerelease reboot! Read on past the shiny new cover for the interview! What inspired you to write P.A.W.S.? The idea for P.A.W.S. came to me in a flash. I clearly saw a young girl … Continue reading P.A.W.S. Reboot Blog Tour With Debbie Manber Kupfer

7 Quick Takes about New Ideas, New Earrings, and New Vloggings

I may have been a little busy the last couple of weeks, but I’m back for this week’s 7 Quick Takes with other Catholic bloggers and hosted by the lovely Kelly of This Ain’t the Lyceum. ~1~ With my first philosophy essay in this morning, things seem to be settling back to normal a bit— … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about New Ideas, New Earrings, and New Vloggings

The Inside Out Book Tag

The illuminous (no, I don’t know if that’s a word, either) NevilleGirl tagged me in this INSIDE-OUT book tag, where the first letter of each question spells out inside-out, the way we see and experience books. I’ve been reading more recently, so thinking about the aesthetic comes at the right time for me. Plus, these … Continue reading The Inside Out Book Tag

Beautiful Books: Let’s Talk Editing H

Beautiful Books this month is looking at the third segment of writing - that is, editing the prose and first drafts we've written. So, let's talk editing. I'm editing right this minute, actually. (Well, not right this minute; right now, I'm writing this sentence and about to head into the kitchen to make lunch, but I … Continue reading Beautiful Books: Let’s Talk Editing H

The Collective Series Blitz

Today I'm part of the blog blitz for The Collective series by Stacey Nash, one of the amazing ladies over at the Aussie Owned and Read blog. The Collective series, published by the HarperCollins imprint Impulse, is a YA Science Fiction series about advanced technology, hidden organisations, and a fierce teen heroine. Stick around for the … Continue reading The Collective Series Blitz

Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons

As part of the Blood Chimera blog hop, I'm playing host today to an extract as a spotlight of the book. Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons released from World Weaver Press on the 12th August. Some ransoms aren’t meant to be paid. Kidnap and Ransom negotiation used to be straightforward. The bad guys kidnap someone, and K&R expert … Continue reading Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons

Unwrapping Fauxpocalypse

Dave unwraps the print proofs of Fauxpocalypse, heralding the print not-end of the world. It is nigh, bloggers! Keep an ear to the blog-ground! 🙂

The Fauxpocalypse Project

Despite the twin obstacles of many public holidays and flooded airports, the proofs for the paperback edition finally arrived from CreateSpace.

And I made a video of myself opening them. So you get a sneak peek at what Fauxpocalypse looks like as a physical book:

And, as several people have already kindly pointed out, at what my hair does when I am not watching it closely.

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