Beautiful People: The Resolutions Edition

Hello, blogosphere. 🙂 Today, I’m linking up with Cait and Sky’s beautiful monthly linkup Beautiful People. And this month it’s about the authors – new year, new goals (supposedly). So I guess that makes me a Beautiful Person. What were your writing achievements last year? I culled and rewrote so many darhlings… I got some … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Resolutions Edition

7 Quick Takes about the 80s, Blogging, and Reviewing

It’s Friday. Let’s wipe the sweat from our brows and settle into our weekend routines after sharing our days. Hosted by Thisain’ttheLyceum: Friday’s 7 Quick Takes. ~1~ Our host Kelly did some getting-to-know-you abouts today, but there's frankly not much I can actually add to my own factoid. I'm a Catholic convert and have been for … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about the 80s, Blogging, and Reviewing

Creative Writing at University

Interested in what creative writing is like as a society project in a larger UK university? Below is my short interview with Emily Upson, the president and organiser of Reading’s creative writing society, Scribblers, originally published in Reading Uni’s The New Frontier magazine. What inspired you to revive Scribblers? At a poetry reading where Conor … Continue reading Creative Writing at University

My life revolves around backseat driving and half-hearted love letters

And that would be the start of a poem a lot better than the one you're about to read, but the summer saps my creativity and soul, and I end up writing vapid nonsense to prompts for which I ought to be wittier. It's kind of creepy. Last month, The Scribblers creative writing society launched … Continue reading My life revolves around backseat driving and half-hearted love letters

Alexandra and Christophe Short

Just the start of a piece, which I wrote during creative writing society when we looked at script-writing. As I tend to do, I used the prompt of taking characters I already have and working on extrapolations of their life. The only constraints we had were two characters alone and to have ‘actors’ be able … Continue reading Alexandra and Christophe Short