Advice For Brides About Photography

You can find a whole bunch of advice about choosing your photographer and getting the most out of them online – but in actuality, I myself did not realise the kind of advice I needed about being a bride making decisions about wedding photography. Some of the harder things to decide when it comes down … Continue reading Advice For Brides About Photography

Photo of the Week: Sappy

So, because of the faults with my Instagram app, lucky y'all get photos that would otherwise have been first given there. Including this sappy collection (well, two) of cards I'm beginning to accumulate on my mantelpiece, featuring a me in the background. Yay, for mirrors! (Sarcasm) Clearly not the best of shots, but sometimes one … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Sappy

Photo of the Week: Copycat

Because cat photos. Life with three cats is interesting, but ultimately one of the best experiences I have had. With all their three personalities, every day is something different. But it is indeed Marmite who is the most...intriguing. She is the most territorial, yet she is in herself shy. She is one to dine-and-dash, so … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Copycat

Photo of the Week: Curious Is the Cat

It's another cat photo, yay! Haha, I met this fluffy long-haired fellow at the weekend in Reading for the Swing Dance exchange. They needed some persuasion, but eventually I coaxed one cat over, where they suddenly showered with me attention. I took a number of this beauty as they walked the garden fence following me, and … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Curious Is the Cat

Photo of the Week: Unusual

Any idea what this bird is? A beautiful specimen found by the lake on campus, and something I snapped up as soon as I saw it. Against the mud green and the murk blue of winter's fingers on the lake and the grounds, the bright colours of this duck-bird catches the eye. We wonder at … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Unusual