Notebook Sisters Blog Hop – For The Bookworms

Over at the Notebook Sisters blog, they're holding a linkup and giveaway, so check it out 🙂 In the meanwhile, I felt it a great way to summarise my reading and writing over the course of this year - and you know I love to talk about what I've been up to 😉 Without further … Continue reading Notebook Sisters Blog Hop – For The Bookworms

Maleficent Seven Cover Talk

A post today just to be a fan and squee a bit. Any Skulduggery Pleasant or Derek Landy fans out there? I was randomly surfing the internet when I saw that he'd posted the paperback cover of the spin-off novella, The Maleficent Seven (okay, he did this over a week ago, but I've only just found it, and my blog is kinda … Continue reading Maleficent Seven Cover Talk