A New Direction

Hello! I've not written a blog post for a while, but that's because I've been involved in writing of a more creative nature. I'm working on a new novel! And whilst really that oughtn't be a surprise, as that is the nature of the writer, it has actually been a while since I've put together … Continue reading A New Direction

7 Quick Takes about Room Touring, Cooking, and Fancy Quoting

Welcome to the New Year, and, of course, the start of this year’s 7 Quick Takes. Join Catholic bloggers around the world as we sum up our weeks. Hosted by This Ain't the Lyceum. (Look at the shiny new logo... *strokes logo*) #1. I’m back in Reading, and that’s exciting, even though nothing much has happened … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Room Touring, Cooking, and Fancy Quoting

How Not to Write a Second Draft (by someone who’s just finished one)

So, today I finished the second draft of the Steampunk novel I wrote last July, Horology, and, boy, was it a roller-coaster month of reading through and tweaking. I already knew I was aiming to add 7-thousand words, which was surprisingly easy, judging by the numbers of additions I made. However, my story is far … Continue reading How Not to Write a Second Draft (by someone who’s just finished one)

Ready. Set. Write! {Goals}

I’m jumping in to the Ready. Set. Write! writing intensive that starts this week*, hosted by Katy Upperman, Alison Miller, Jaime Morrow, and Erin Funk. Whilst I’ll be dropping in and out due to commitments and NaNo, RSW allows me to quickly create and update goals for my writing this summer. *You may have noticed that the … Continue reading Ready. Set. Write! {Goals}

Notebook Sisters Blog Hop – For The Writers

*I know this looks like a long post, but stay with me. I really enjoyed writing about my writing and there's some exclusive stuff from first drafts and new projects, so [well of course I think so] it's worth a read. I'll put the questions in blue, so you can skip around, if you like. … Continue reading Notebook Sisters Blog Hop – For The Writers

(WTCB September) On Journeys

We are winding down the WTCB September posts now. I’ve had so much fun this month delving further into my novel and its characters, symbolism, et cetera, but, unfortunately, September can’t last forever. To add to that, tomorrow I’m moving into my hall at Reading University, so I have to unscrew my literary blogger hat … Continue reading (WTCB September) On Journeys

WTCB September: On Editing

I’ve finished the new round of edits. Next, I’m going to take a short, weekend break to rewrite chapter three of Of Jackets and Phones for a waiting beta. I need some time just to splurge, just to write inconsequently, too. This is one of the reasons blogging is so therapeutic for the writer – … Continue reading WTCB September: On Editing

How Video Game Combat Helps With Characterisation

In my packing, I discovered the DS game of The Spiderwick Chronicles, by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, a series I had been in love with (until the film) as a child. I'd abandoned playing this game shortly after beginning, due to my inability to get past the first level or 'chapter'. I hadn't even … Continue reading How Video Game Combat Helps With Characterisation

Extract: III: Agnetha, Out

Rewriting A Tale of Jackets and Phones, I thought I'd include a bit of what I've been working. In this little snippet (semi-familiar to those who might have read A Rosary, A Fume-Cabinet and A Music Book), Agnetha considers how to get out of her house to investigate Mr. Craig's murder without her mother's permission. … Continue reading Extract: III: Agnetha, Out

Renovating Chapter 1 + Character Connectivity?

I don’t see why I say I’ll do one project. I’m not very good at sticking to one at a time; my mind blooms with so many more than the simplest… We are at the end of July, though, so my promise to my sequel no longer has as much hold over me. Besides, the … Continue reading Renovating Chapter 1 + Character Connectivity?