7 Quick Takes – Are Faces Innate? (The Psychology Edition)

Another busy week, though I’m hoping it will calm down a little. What have I been up to? Uni work, mostly. Read on for Psychology in bulk. Catch up with Quick Takes at This Ain’t the Lyceum. ~1~ If you’re interested in Psychology, I did a seminar presentation today for my Science of Emotion module, … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes – Are Faces Innate? (The Psychology Edition)

A Thought for Today: Bunny Bennett’s It Gets Better Video

I may be a cis-gender heterosexual and mostly-heteroromantic woman – and Pride month isn't particularly a well-announced thing here in England, so I didn't really know about it – but I wanted to share with you this video by steampunk performer Bunny Bennett. Yes, it's an old video, but the band Steam Powered Giraffe has … Continue reading A Thought for Today: Bunny Bennett’s It Gets Better Video

The Art of letting go

We all know that letting go is a painful, cold-hearted kick to the gut. Here, Loretta Andrews considers letting go and God. The first few paragraphs especially rung true for me.

Loretta Andrews

Is God a nice God?

Is ‘letting go’ a brave act of surrender or merely giving up?

They say the hardest choice you’ll ever face is whether to walk away or try harder, but what if someone else gives up before you.  Do you let them walk away? Or do we grab hold of their leg shamelessly losing all self-respect and let them drag us a long as they try to get away from us? Do we even have a choice?

I’m pretty sure there is an art to letting go.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have it! In fact I’m certain I’m absolutely rubbish at it!  It says a lot about me I guess.  I am fiercely loyal.  Ask any of my friends, they know full well and from experience, you mess with one of them I’d personally rip the face of the perpetrator if they wanted me to…

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More Creative Quotes

Another 'creative' quote from my manuscript, this time from Aidelle's side of the separation. Of regrets and chilling thoughts of being away from him. (It's larger - and the picture was, sadly, more cumbersome than my previous, horizontal photos - therefore, I have to say, the quote carries less elegance than the other, but I still … Continue reading More Creative Quotes


How is it possible to feel so empty without one singular person? This isn’t psychology; there is nothing – not chemistry, biology, no feature-less science – in explaining the gaps of the soul; when life is lost – or loss – this way, the only remainder is tears, and the only explanation heartache. Music has … Continue reading Emptiness

WTCB September: A Thousand Essays on Love

I write about love a lot. (Just see the tag!) Of course, passion – in this case, in the sense of artistic fervour – has led me to the psychology and philosophy of emotions and natural attachment, but I harbour more than simply academic feelings about the topic of love. Have you ever fallen in … Continue reading WTCB September: A Thousand Essays on Love

CampWriMo: Chapter Eighteen + Emotional ‘Shifts’

Yes, July was over four days ago (and I reached the beginning of chapter 20 under its pressure), but this post has been in the queue since I wrote the chapter. I'm discovering more and more about this new novel the more of it I write. For one thing, it's as eclectic as I am. … Continue reading CampWriMo: Chapter Eighteen + Emotional ‘Shifts’

(TCWT) Character Therapy…But For Whom?

The Teens Can Write, Too! blog-chain prompt this month of July was *clears throat*: “Take any character from one of your books and put them in a therapy session.” For this, something I never know how to approach (I saw a similar prompt some time ago, but I passed on it at that point, not … Continue reading (TCWT) Character Therapy…But For Whom?

Loving Life

I'm afraid it's simply a short, arbitrary post today, for various reasons - one being my Pitcharama pitch receiving FIVE requests - for which I am incredibly chuffed, but also pretty...well, frightened. Sometimes I wonder if I've jumped in at the wrong end of the pool, so to speak. Anyway, I'm putting posting aside for … Continue reading Loving Life