And +1 Makes Five

As I alluded to in my previous post (however short compared to my usual sporadic ramblings here), I didn't manage to post before I gave birth. In fact, I didn't manage to do a whole host of things because I, technically, started latent labour at 38 weeks and 5 days, eventually giving birth at our … Continue reading And +1 Makes Five

NEW: For Alexander (Henry Sterling Grieves)

In these tough times, I've managed at least to work on my craft a bit more. Some of it, however, is of course staring out of the window, trying to tie together the character motivations and backgrounds and . The usual writer stuff. Out of that comes some sunshine. In this case, it's wondering about … Continue reading NEW: For Alexander (Henry Sterling Grieves)

Merry Christmas

Another year, another Christmas message. Well, I hope you all have had a good day this Christmas 2018 and that have a good New Year. Let's see what the following year has in store - I hope it's something good for you. As per my last post - no resolutions apart from the usual ones … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Remembering the Lost

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and I want to respect that here, knowing so many people who've suffered the hardship and pain and indescribable nature of losing a child, however far into gestation, not least my precious Godson's siblings. From my Instagram: I don't pretend to have any knowledge beyond the facts … Continue reading Remembering the Lost

New House, New Place

There's something to be said about keeping to a blogging schedule. I deeply admire people who are able to do it. As for me...once again, I seem to be falling behind any schedule I endeavoured to create. Never fear, though, since it doesn't mean I'm not writing! I have lots of things going through my … Continue reading New House, New Place

Part Of The Price Is The Experience

This post brought to you by oversearching Sherlock memes and still not finding the one I wanted. Weddings cost a lot. That goes without saying. The average UK wedding last year was £33,884 (Independent, Sept 2017), but I believe even that has gone up in the last year or so. More and more, with inflation … Continue reading Part Of The Price Is The Experience

Review of Image and Likeness

If St. John Paul II ever summarized his Theology of the Body, it may have been when he said, “Man cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.” But how does this sincere gift look when lived out by human beings with all their failings? What happens to our humanity when we … Continue reading Review of Image and Likeness

A Vignette from the Costellos

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just wrote to relax with characters I know. This was the result. She'd written three times in as many days. Gabiee twisted the letter between her finger and thumb until it had rolled into a tube she'd easily hide up her sleeve. Asif on cue - and … Continue reading A Vignette from the Costellos

7 Truths About Your Baptism A homily by Fr Stephen Wang. I'd definitely say that, until recently, I've rather taken the fact of my baptism for granted - it's something that happens and, unlike Jesus (or any adult who is baptised), children baptised in their full innocence don't understand or even remember that they're being initiated into the family … Continue reading 7 Truths About Your Baptism