Protein Millionaires Bars – a Review

In my spare time, I have been crafting more treats and have been inspired by some recipes on the Missfits protein powder site, notably the imitations of millionaire shortbread, that delectable and moreish treat of layers of shortbread, caramel and chocolate. It's a treat that I love but that I cannot have, thanks to its … Continue reading Protein Millionaires Bars – a Review

Have You Made Banana Pancakes?

Have you made banana pancakes? Not pancakes topped with bananas and maple syrup, a la the traditional topping recipe; no, these are pancakes made put of banana as their base. Completely gluten free and I'm sure you could make them vegan by replacing the egg with ground flax and water. (I am in no way … Continue reading Have You Made Banana Pancakes?

Photo of the Week: Biscuits

My Instagram picture for today. As part of my reading challenge for this year, I've been trying to read more often, and I took the extra day we were given (leap year, woo!) to read a couple of chapters of A Conspiracy of Alchemists (long overdue reading), and I'm getting back into this Steampunk, and … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Biscuits

Photo of the Week: Celebrations

I celebrated The Boyfriend's 30th birthday with a visit up North to see him, and we together went into the tea room Betty's in York for lunch, which was a lovely occasion. He had the afternoon tea, and I had the below, a lovely Christmas-themed rosti of bacon, chicken, and cranberry sauce. It was very … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Celebrations

Chilli Sweet Potato Fishcakes

The great thing about fishcakes is that their integral recipe and cooking is the same, but one can experiment with different fish and different spices or veg to get completely different flavours and a dish to suit many palates. Because sweet potato is a warm, flavoursome starch anyway, it pairs well with medium-heat chillies that … Continue reading Chilli Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Keeping Up With Miss Alexandrina (Again)

Sorry for my absence from the blog for a few days. I moved into my new shared accommodation, and, as well as adjusting to that, we did not have WiFi and still haven’t got some. However, this does allow me some writing and reading time – though the latter sometimes eats into the former, a … Continue reading Keeping Up With Miss Alexandrina (Again)

7 Quick Takes About Contemplating Consciousness, Birthday Business, and Anticipating Arrivals

Oh, look ^^ alphabetic alliteration. 😛 Another Friday has crept upon me, but I am glad it is the end of the week. 7 Quick Takes is hosted by This Ain’t the Lyceum, and you can see the rest of the blog-hop participants there. ~1~ Exams: 2 down, 3 to go. ~2~ General poll for anyway … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes About Contemplating Consciousness, Birthday Business, and Anticipating Arrivals

Beautiful People: Greetings to Patience

I'm still editing - and trying to balance the two academic and creative meanings of 'revision' - so I have no fully-formed character to present for you. Instead, I'm going to have a new-new character for this month's great questions of the Beautiful People tag (hosted by Cait and Sky). Patience (surname-not-yet-created) is the MC … Continue reading Beautiful People: Greetings to Patience