Enter The Asylum

Enter the Asylum I never ever manage to make accurate record of my sojourn to the Asylum Steampunk Festival, because there is simply too much to see and do that I would be able to jot it all down for a post. If I had the time to go into it in all detail, I … Continue reading Enter The Asylum

Escaping Titanic

It's unassuming from the outside, but so are most escape room locations. Shrouded in mystery in the middle of Southampton - even more so with a growing rain pelting The Husband and I - Houdini's Escape Rooms are anything but unassuming. After stopping off at my mother's, we manoeuvre the trains to get to Southampton … Continue reading Escaping Titanic

Beautiful People: H’s Cathy

*gasp* What is this, an actual Beautiful People post on my blog in 2016? I know, I’ve been as lax in keeping up with the writing tag as a printer sans ink, partly because I’ve not tackled any new big novels for a while and instead have been trying to focus on the importance of … Continue reading Beautiful People: H’s Cathy

Photo of the Week: Smooothh

In which I again try and do all of the arty things. This is from Friday's girl's night, where, having made my way almost through the entire menu, I decide to try the make-your-own smoothie. With raspberry and lime. It was sweet and sharp. and I liked it. This is my classy social life now. … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Smooothh

‘Heaven Sent’ Review with Nevillegirl

This series 9 of Doctor Who, I’ve been part of the review team over at Nevillegirl’s blog. Last year, we did a similar system, and one of the episodes I’ve been reviewing this year has been episode 11, Heaven Sent. Wow, that's was one wild ride of an episode. I had a lot of thoughts … Continue reading ‘Heaven Sent’ Review with Nevillegirl

10 Reasons I’m Thankful For Blogging

In which Engie explains why she is thankful for blogging. I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, but I have a lot of American friends and love this fun holiday.

Musings From Neville's Navel


Instead of my usual “I’m thankful for my family and my health and my cat” post on this day, I thought I’d try something different! I thought I’d make a list of ten books I’m thankful for, but… apparently I did that last year! SO I’M MAKING A TOP TEN LIST OF REASONS I’M THANKFUL FOR BLOGGING.

1. It’s an easy, comfortable form of expressing myself 

I’m introverted and shy – I don’t have much to say to anyone IRL until I get to know them well. I stumble over my words, or get embarrassed and forget what I was going to say. But online my thoughts just come POURING out and I’m not nearly as awkward! (I hope!)

2. More specifically, I can fangirl! 

Blogging has given me a way to discuss my interests – especially those related to books, movies, and TV shows – that I…

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Photo of the WeeK: Dinos

I took so many photos this week, though most of them running jokes, rather than pieces one could consider art. Nevertheless, I had fun doing it, and I had a set of photos to choose from. Here, Nino, my crochet yellow dinosaur, learns about her ancestors (or, at least, their eggs) at the Natural History … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Dinos