101 Shades of Teal

As luck would have it, my bridesmaid dress plans are almost in as much tatters as I suspect the swatches/samples of dresses would be now. It's an arduous story that starts with one of Alexa's wild ideas. Madly out of my price-range, but what if my girls were dress in shades of blues and greens, … Continue reading 101 Shades of Teal

Photo of the Week: Caked

A food-based photo of the week; despite my busy end-of-term and finishing up everything I needed to do for university, I somehow found the time to bake this cake for my gentleman for his birthday yesterday: a raspberry red velvet with a candy-melt twist. It looks a little cracked, but I assure you that it … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Caked

Photo of the Week: The Varieties of Matcha

I'm sure you know of matcha tea, that blend of leaves that are green and rich in energy and antioxidants. What you may not know is that it is actually delicious, particularly when blended and served with the right amount of milk in a latte. Okay, I'll admit: this is a Starbucks one. I have … Continue reading Photo of the Week: The Varieties of Matcha

Photo of the Week: Summertime

The vibrant oranges and greens of Britain's attempt at spring-summer. I used a light adjustment hereĀ to combat the overgrowth covering in the forest as I took the photo, but the colours are otherwise unedited. This tree also caught my eye because of its decaying exterior (and interior, I suppose). Story inspiration, anyone? šŸ˜€ Feel free … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Summertime

Photo of the Week: Panels

Unfortunately, not much on the photo stakes this week, as I haven't had much of a chance around my work to find subjects for photography. Here, beads of light explode on a panelling decoration on the wall, shattering the illusion of stillness and quiet, by responding to the music around them with ever-changing colours. I … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Panels

Photo of the Week: Gem-Like

Just playing about with my bracelets, and I managed to fold them directly inside each other, which I'd been trying to do with various foldings. So, I was pleased with the shapes, and used that opportunity to make a still life with the blue of my bedspread and flash v non-flash to see what difference … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Gem-Like

Photo of the Week: Dreary

In England, we're fighting the summer rain again. Boo, cold weather... I was given this miniature bamboo, and I think it works well as a subject for this week's photo. I lightened it up a bit, as, as you can imagine, the weather does not good natural light make. Hopefully, it will cheer up a … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Dreary