The Sunny Side of Roma

It rained today in Rome, big fat drops that sent minuscule chills down my spine because they contrasted so much with the heat and the sunshine beating down upon our hats at noon on a Wednesday. That was the second time it had rained, the first being on our first proper outing (the major downside … Continue reading The Sunny Side of Roma


Sometimes I take part in the Currently... blog hop series. Loving... The British weather at the moment. It’s glorious and sunny; a good return from Italy, as there’s been a minimal drop in temperature. Indeed, the temperature indoors in Britain matches the air-conned lounges of Italia, so not much change there. But will it last? … Continue reading Currently…Warming

Glamour and Intrigue

Well, I intended to bl;og today. And I intended to write a bit of my old collaborative, Metropoliton Magic (which I have mentioned is coming to its exciting finale, and I want to keep following). Alas, the time has slipped away from me today. I would like to say I have a proper excuse: doing … Continue reading Glamour and Intrigue


Sometimes I participate in the Currently series on Tuesdays… Loving... That there will be a new Five Nights at Freddy's game. Okay, I don't play the series, but I enjoy watching YouTubers like Markiplier and 8BitGaming playing it. As I mentioned in my review of the novel, I enjoy the lore and the elements of … Continue reading Currently…

Quick Takes Friday about Goals, Success, and Holidays

For this week's Quick Takes, I'm still in Scotland, but only just. Check out the rest of the hop over at This Ain't the Lyceum. ~1~ This week has been weird, in terms of weather. We had some almost torrential rain a couple of days - the kind of rain that is constant throughout the … Continue reading Quick Takes Friday about Goals, Success, and Holidays

Photo of the Week: Blazing Blue

Taken this afternoon no less, this photo of a peacock from a nature reserve in Kurkcudbright in Scotland pleases me. Although he'd lost a few feathers on his neck as the result of a fight, he still had a mighty fine plumage of bright blue feathers and a headdress and tail of the same typical peacock … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Blazing Blue

7 Quick Takes about Scotland, Mostly

Friday 7 Quick Takes is hosted by ThisAintTheLyceum. Check out this weekly bloghop there. I’m a little late with this post – and have tried to clear up possible confusion – as I had a migraine yesterday, which prevented me finishing and posting this. ~1~ I’ve been rather tired today (Friday), thanks to such a … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Scotland, Mostly