Keeping Up With Miss Alexandrina (Again)

Sorry for my absence from the blog for a few days. I moved into my new shared accommodation, and, as well as adjusting to that, we did not have WiFi and still haven’t got some. However, this does allow me some writing and reading time – though the latter sometimes eats into the former, a … Continue reading Keeping Up With Miss Alexandrina (Again)

Creating a Detective

Linking to last week's post on the same theme of mystery writing and crime fiction, Comparing Detectives and Clothing Them, I've been thinking about Agnetha's style, but also about the attributes both linking and beyond her clothing. What makes a detective a detective? How do readers instinctively know that this character is the clever/witty/ingenious/solving one? Of course, the words in … Continue reading Creating a Detective

Carroll and Dexter, Hardy and Herriot

(I apologise if the formatting of this post is a little odd; I've been having handling problems with my WordPress today). As Jae mentioned in her post yesterday, reading is just as important for every writer as writing is. I'm sure you know that. This can be any sort of creative reading. I think I have, … Continue reading Carroll and Dexter, Hardy and Herriot