Photo of the Week: River Sightings

This Sunday, I took a trip to the 'enemy camps', so to speak. Having many friends and an ex in the league of Oxonions (ie. those who are or have study/ied at The University of Oxford), I am strongly on that side of any - fictional or otherwise - rivalry between the two best-on-league-tables UK … Continue reading Photo of the Week: River Sightings

Photo of the Week: Scenery

It's been a week of work, alas, and so not many interesting things have happened, or I've been able to photograph. I did take a leisurely stroll back home after Mass on Sunday morning, and bought a yummy Bento box from the chain-store Wasabi. Although it was a chilly day, I wanted to eat in … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Scenery

Photo of the Week: Summertime

The vibrant oranges and greens of Britain's attempt at spring-summer. I used a light adjustment here to combat the overgrowth covering in the forest as I took the photo, but the colours are otherwise unedited. This tree also caught my eye because of its decaying exterior (and interior, I suppose). Story inspiration, anyone? 😀 Feel free … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Summertime

Photo of the Week: Stumped

It's that lovely time of the week again when I present a photo I'm particularly proud of. My walk home from campus isn't the most interesting. Okay, it has people and places, but it is missing the integral feel of life. You know? I, in my walk back, stopped to observe the squirrels in a … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Stumped