I Am The Most 3D Character I Know.

Don't be surprised there's no Photo of the Week today/yesterday*. I was working on my dissertation; I was in my department since two and only got home at 8. Anyway, I was talking to someone earlier, and with my answers to their questions, I realised that my different motives and personalities would seem to pull me … Continue reading I Am The Most 3D Character I Know.

(TCWT) Character Therapy…But For Whom?

The Teens Can Write, Too! blog-chain prompt this month of July was *clears throat*: “Take any character from one of your books and put them in a therapy session.” For this, something I never know how to approach (I saw a similar prompt some time ago, but I passed on it at that point, not … Continue reading (TCWT) Character Therapy…But For Whom?

A Week of Time-Management

First, I’d like to clarify one thing: my personalities. I’m a Type A, INFJ on the Meyers-Briggs, neurotic with impulsive and compulsive tendencies. I also might be a mental hypochondriac. I say 'might', hence the "semi-hypochondriac” remark on my Twitter bio – but does saying one's self is a hypochondriac make one's self a hypochondriac? … Continue reading A Week of Time-Management

All Things Are Passing Me

This week passed in lightning speed. I wrote and emptied my mind and pieced the edges of thought back together. I remembered – I recalled – and then I forgot. Sometimes, having more than one personality means conflict within the mind or the soul (or whatever state of metaphysics we might want to say). These … Continue reading All Things Are Passing Me

Representations of my World

I quite forgot about this post after I started it, so forgive the lateness. About November time, Jae honoured me with an awesome Lit and Scribbles depiction of me: And this got me thinking about the type of picture I had chosen to ‘frame’ my blog, a mis-depiction, if you will, of how I actually … Continue reading Representations of my World