Six Things Writers Should Know About the Myers-Briggs Distinction I(N)tuition and (S)ensing

Reblog from writer Victoria Grefer about characteristics of Meyers-Briggs Intuitive v Sensing personalities. As an INFJ and a writer, I find this series interesting and helpful.

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When time is ticking and you have to pick fast, how conformable are you trusting your gut? That's one faction in intuition vs. sensing When time is ticking and you have to pick fast, how conformable are you trusting your gut? That’s one faction in intuition vs. sensing

This post is number 2 in a series about Myers-Briggs types, and will highlight six things writers should know about how their characters will generally favor either sensing or intuition. The first focused on Thinking and Feeling (T/F).

  1. In some ways, intuition/sensing is about big picture orientation versus detail orientation. Sensors learn from and start with the details because they start with what they can sense. (That’s where the name comes from). In contrast, people with an intuition orientation tend to spot patterns and work from the big picture or pattern down to the details.
  2. If you want to make it evident that a character is intuition-oriented, make sure he or she tends to trust the gut instincts that arise. Right are wrong–and for certain Myers-Briggs types…

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