Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Time for the monthly Beautiful People meme hosted by the lovely lasses Cait and Sky. This month’s topic of interest was of siblings, those mysterious people we have no choice but to know because we grew up with them. I write a lot of siblings, so this could have been a difficult choice for me … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Beautiful People: The Valentine’s Edition

(Far be it for me to dictate against inspiration from commercialism…) For this month’s Beautiful People, hosted by Cait and Sky, since it’s February, they decided to do a Valentine’s edition and look at significant relationships of these beautiful people/characters. I would be insane not to look at Aidelle and Phillip, and, unsurprisingly, I have … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Valentine’s Edition

All about 2014

I suppose 2014 was one of the strangest years I’ve had for a long while. After all, I entered it as a bushy-eyed eighteen-year-old starting the second term of my Psychology and Philosophy degree. And I seem to have finished it high in optimism and wisdom, but not so greatly in success. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading All about 2014

An Unfolding Universe

As mentioned last week by a blog commenter, I have very many ideas. A couple of nights ago, I was thinking of editing When the Clock Broke, but then I became distracted by the thought of the ruffled society beyond the events of the trilogy, and the novella of a relation who ultimately saves the … Continue reading An Unfolding Universe

Quidditch and Away

Hey, guys, I won't be on the blog for the next couple of days, as I'm playing a bit of Quidditch away from home until Mondayish. In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with this thought: "Do not count your wishes, for they will be forever many, but count your blessings, the more precious few." (Phillip, When … Continue reading Quidditch and Away

WTCB2 Teaser and Titbits

Although I’m not doing NaNo, this post is rather appropriate since I wrote the first draft of When the Clock Broke’s second book during CampNaNo this year. I felt in the mood for sharing a few titbits about the characters and the actors who have currently caught my eye, as if this post were another … Continue reading WTCB2 Teaser and Titbits

Aidelle and Phillip as Ponies!

Doing my rounds of the blogs this week, I came across Brian Taylor’s post in which he has created a My Little Pony version of his main character, Mitsuko (the original Pony Creator is on DeviantART here). I thought I might as well have a play around. Too, as you may know from following my Characters as … Continue reading Aidelle and Phillip as Ponies!

WTCB September: Lake Placid Phillip

Nobody is entirely pacifist. Even the most trained of religious cannot help intruding anger; even those people who bear calm exteriors have emotions snapping at their heels. But still we hope for a way to avoid war-like tussles. I myself have seen too many people hurt verbally to let my mouth run riot. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading WTCB September: Lake Placid Phillip