Photo of the Week: Past

Isn't it funny when one stumbles across pieces from one's past, trinkets and tokens one thought one wouldn't see again? I suppose primary (elementary) school work is not in the same league as those sorts of things, per se. Nevertheless, it is fascinating for me to see the differences and similarities between me then and … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Past

Running and facepainting for CAFOD: young climate bloggers take action

Young CATHOD supporters do their bit. Reminds me of when I was at school and the Peace and Justice club. 😀

CAFOD blog

St Roberts climate bloggers Our young climate bloggers are fantastic! They continue to inspire us with all they are doing to fundraise and raise awareness about climate change and the work CAFOD does with its partners. One of our schools, St Robert’s, has two groups that blog frequently about what they think and the action they are taking.Daniel tells how he was inspired to act:

I’m just a 15 year old boy who wants to make a difference and I decided in order to do that I needed to act. As an avid runner I decided that this might be a good way for me to make a difference: by fundraising, and I’m going to start fundraising for CAFOD by running. However you do not have to be good at this, you could swim, cycle even abseil!  Are you up to the challenge? It’s very easy to become part of Team CAFOD and to…

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Fall 1st Page Critique Blog Hop

(Or 'autumn', if we're going by UK English ;)) The wonderful Michelle Hauck has kindly organised a 1st page critique blog hop, where we get to critique the five blog entries below and ours in the linky on her page. It's open to all fiction writers, regardless of genre or age category. Here's mine, taken from Of … Continue reading Fall 1st Page Critique Blog Hop

7 Quick Takes about Interviews, Anniversaries, and Arranging Swing

Time for trading the seven things of the week with the bloggers over at ConversionDiary. Join us. 🙂 ~1~ It’s weird to read all those posts about people going back to school these past couple of weeks. I know so many US bloggers that it’s easy to forget that British students don’t get back to … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Interviews, Anniversaries, and Arranging Swing

Ready. Set. Write! Final Update

I can’t believe it’s the last of these already. It’s been two and a half months, but the time has whizzed by – ten/eleven weeks and all. I may not have managed to leave an update every week, but I’m going to miss talking about my writing on Mondays! Last week’s goals Edit OJAP. Editing in … Continue reading Ready. Set. Write! Final Update

Photo of the Week: Shielded

So, anyway, this happened: Look - it's my name above 2013! On Friday, it was my school's senior school prizegiving. I didn't expect much from the event (knowing my surprisingly low tolerance to envy-producing situations), but going along meant I got to see a few people from the class I hadn't see since July, so that … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Shielded

The Life of an English Student, Part Three

What are university lectures? In a conversation about my previous two posts, I was asked this, or words to its extent. I think one doesn’t truly appreciate the simplicity and ‘sameness’ of British university lectures until Sixth Form (or years 12 and 13 – these are ages 16 – 18) or not even then, depending on whether … Continue reading The Life of an English Student, Part Three

Sorry for the Radio Silence

To be honest, I've been neglecting my blog a little for the last month. Actually, I have a reason of moving house and not having any internet from the phone-line until now-ish. But that's going to change - because I have [bought for and am awaiting arrival] a new, supercharged - ie. completely confusing Windows 8 … Continue reading Sorry for the Radio Silence

Beautiful Blogger Award

(I've given up on trying to load my Word today - three crashes is more than enough - so don't mind any crazy formatting there may be here) Hullo. How are you world? Great. I'm all right, though I have been down lately, so everything is in monotone colour. I have a post about perception … Continue reading Beautiful Blogger Award