Photo of the Week: Afternoon

Keeping with my Easter head and revision plans - regrettably, I don't have time to really blog for the next month or so until after my exams are done and dusted - here's a Photo of the Week from, well, a couple of weeks ago. But a Good Friday photo in Reading town centre on … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Afternoon

Rain and Cherry Blossoms

I think it's fair to say that it's spring. Granted, the clocks don't spring forward until the end of March, but the English days have been getting warmer (even if the nights haven't), to the point that it's awkward to where loads of layers. In fact, as I remarked recently, it's almost cardigan weather again. … Continue reading Rain and Cherry Blossoms

Photo of the Week: Egyptian Goslings

One of those revision-break walks around Reading lake. These are our Egyptian Geese with this year's goslings. I've seen a lot of goslings in my two years in Reading, but very few young Egyptian Geese. The adults themselves are rather...fearsome, but the young are so cute and fluffy. Well, look at that little gosling!

Photo of the Week: Whitby

This is a slightly lightened version of the original photo, but whilst the dark-light contrast was aesthetically pleasing, I do like a little edge of colour and brightness in my photos. So: edit. Another token of my travels once again. This is of the Whitby coastline, early evening. I was waiting, and the sunset in … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Whitby

Finding God in the Happiness

As Lent rolls around again – and with it, the first-year anniversary of my Rite of Election – I find it apt to reflect on spiritual health. Now, in terms of the other levels of health one can have, I have been pretty physically healthy over the last few months (praise God!), my mental health … Continue reading Finding God in the Happiness

Photo of the Week: Tolls

For whom does the bell toll? Ah, not so gruesome. The ladies and gentleman of Wantage Hall, Reading, with singing a bent journeyed to the top of our infamous clocktower ("Wantage? Isn't that the one that looks like a castle?" No, it looks nothing like a castle. Like an Oxbridge college, yes and like a … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Tolls

Photo of the Week: Bluebells

Reading is coming up bluebells! There are loads everywhere here, whereas the village of my other house is practically bare of them all. I took a jolly walk around Caversham yesterday (our Divine Mercy Sunday service was held there) and this bunch caught my eye. In a glade they stand with the sun spilling through the canopy … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Bluebells

Photo of the Week: Wantage in Spring

Yes, another post pushed back from yesterday. In fact, I took this photo only this morning. But it was my friend's birthday yesterday, so I popped back to my uni hall for the night and had no time for photography. The world is definitely getting its spring coat on, including buds and flowers unfolding from … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Wantage in Spring

Picture Post: The Path to the Storytellers

As promised, some photos from a walk I took this week, inspecting the Equinox's wildlife. It's a shame I didn't get any clear photos of squirrels, but there were a good number springing about, too. As usual, I've been thinking about writing and planning writing, and this walk gave me the perfect inspiration for a … Continue reading Picture Post: The Path to the Storytellers