Building a Novel – How To Plot

Lately, I've been thinking about reviving an old trilogy of mine, the Time, Stopped Trilogy, since I need some space away from messy edits of H. The first novel follows young woman Aidelle, who manages to trap herself in a bubble or 'pocket' of time, chronologically-suspended animation, if yo will. Whilst her socialite fiance is … Continue reading Building a Novel – How To Plot

Photo of the Week: Flaming Spire

Amongst all of the photos from my trip to Dubai - which I am still sorting through, by the way, otherwise I might try and find my footing with a couple of posts about my exports - I've chosen this striking photo to be my photo of the week, yay. This was the structure in … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Flaming Spire

A Week of Time-Management

First, I’d like to clarify one thing: my personalities. I’m a Type A, INFJ on the Meyers-Briggs, neurotic with impulsive and compulsive tendencies. I also might be a mental hypochondriac. I say 'might', hence the "semi-hypochondriac” remark on my Twitter bio – but does saying one's self is a hypochondriac make one's self a hypochondriac? … Continue reading A Week of Time-Management