Don’t be a hoarder

As a hoarder [of writing and of life-stuffs] myself, I can relate to this post. I still have a document of pieces that I’ve removed from my main manuscript, and I am being to accumulate removed snippets of my other stories in other documents!

Aussie Writers

Moving house is kind of like revising a manuscript.

Stay with me … it’s not that much of a stretch.

My family just moved from the house we’ve lived in for the past fifteen years. So much much can accumulate in that much time. So much STUFF! We culled when we packed things away and culled again when those things went to the storage shed. Now, I’m not a hoarder — neither is the hubby — although I do still own my English texts from high school. Wuthering Heights is a favourite, okay. So is Paradise Lost … and Romeo and Juliet. Chaucer, well he’s … I can’t part with all those old words! It’s just English texts though, I didn’t keep anything else, promise. Forgive me; we’re all book people here, right?

Anyway, during the past few weeks as I’ve been unpacking boxes and discovering things I couldn’t possibly…

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