Photo of the WeeK: Dinos

I took so many photos this week, though most of them running jokes, rather than pieces one could consider art. Nevertheless, I had fun doing it, and I had a set of photos to choose from. Here, Nino, my crochet yellow dinosaur, learns about her ancestors (or, at least, their eggs) at the Natural History … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Dinos

Photo of the Week: Turaga

I enjoyed spending time trying to capture all six of these Lego Technic Bionicle Turaga (owned by The Boyfriend - I have a couple, but I never managed to collect them all myself). But, yes, I was happy with the photo qualities - I took a lot of duds, but there was so much variety … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Turaga

Photo of the Week: Mascot

It's a chicken! Haha! Actually, it's the Reading Rocs Quidditch Team's mascot. It's not a Roc, but the idea of 'shooing the chicken' came about from our warm-up exercises from the British Quidditch Cup, which involve the usual movements named after various chicken activities (eg. a lunge is 'reach for the chicken'). Shooing the chicken … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Mascot

Photo of the WeeK: Toys

TodayÔÇÖs Photo of the Week focuses on one of my weaker photography points: still life. I find nothing wrong with the concrete and one-toned, but my artistic side is livened┬áby studies like the abstract or the natural. A toy may not blow in the wind, but that exact reason may be why I cannot so … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Toys