Enter The Asylum

Enter the Asylum I never ever manage to make accurate record of my sojourn to the Asylum Steampunk Festival, because there is simply too much to see and do that I would be able to jot it all down for a post. If I had the time to go into it in all detail, I … Continue reading Enter The Asylum

Three Different Hotels, Three Different Adventures

I wanted to go over the trip we recently had where we experienced three different hotel stays, both in the UK and in the sunny glorious South of France. (This was a while ago now, but I've been busy as we well know.) I really ought to turn this into a travel blog, the amount … Continue reading Three Different Hotels, Three Different Adventures

Spring Bank Decadence

For the bank holiday, The Husband and I ventured forth to our next Steampunk escapade, a delightful market called Doncaster Spring bank Decadence. Now the weather is not pouring down every weekend and allowing the British to go about our leisure in less layers, the number of Steampunk events increases up to the big one: … Continue reading Spring Bank Decadence

8 Things I’m Going to Miss About London

This is part two of my things-I’m-going-to-miss series. You can read part one here . London is multi-cultural and that’s one of the things you tend to notice about it. It attracts all kinds of people. Despite this, there are loads of incredible things about London and I have always felt at home in it, … Continue reading 8 Things I’m Going to Miss About London

The Sunny Side of Roma

It rained today in Rome, big fat drops that sent minuscule chills down my spine because they contrasted so much with the heat and the sunshine beating down upon our hats at noon on a Wednesday. That was the second time it had rained, the first being on our first proper outing (the major downside … Continue reading The Sunny Side of Roma

Photo of the Week: River Sightings

This Sunday, I took a trip to the 'enemy camps', so to speak. Having many friends and an ex in the league of Oxonions (ie. those who are or have study/ied at The University of Oxford), I am strongly on that side of any - fictional or otherwise - rivalry between the two best-on-league-tables UK … Continue reading Photo of the Week: River Sightings

7 Quick Takes about Scotland, Mostly

Friday 7 Quick Takes is hosted by ThisAintTheLyceum. Check out this weekly bloghop there. I’m a little late with this post – and have tried to clear up possible confusion – as I had a migraine yesterday, which prevented me finishing and posting this. ~1~ I’ve been rather tired today (Friday), thanks to such a … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Scotland, Mostly