Photo of the Week: Supportive

There is none more supportive of me than my partner, and though I rage at him a lot, he is always willing to listen. He is one of the kindest men I have ever met - I seem to be socially drawn to the kind - and he cares for me more than needs saying, … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Supportive

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's, Galentine's, Blalentine's, or whatever. However you're spending your day, and with whomever, respect yourself. This should not be a day of comparisons, but a day of appreciation. We all have someone who is special to us, and we should all share a word with them together. ❤ family. Go on, treat yourself, too.

Beautiful People: The Valentine’s Edition

(Far be it for me to dictate against inspiration from commercialism…) For this month’s Beautiful People, hosted by Cait and Sky, since it’s February, they decided to do a Valentine’s edition and look at significant relationships of these beautiful people/characters. I would be insane not to look at Aidelle and Phillip, and, unsurprisingly, I have … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Valentine’s Edition

Running Around With Brooms Between Our Legs, Take Two

Or: The Second Annual Valentine's Cup No Quick takes Friday today – *gasp* – and I have a valid reason…apart from having been utterly butterly busy today. What is this mighty fine reason, Alex? Well: (Image copyright to someone on the Oxford team, I'm sure) This weekend I'm off home to sunny-ish Oxford for the … Continue reading Running Around With Brooms Between Our Legs, Take Two