Knowing When to Take a Break

It feels odd to be writing the above title, since if you've been following this blog, you'll have seen that my posting hasn't exactly been the opposite of 'on a break'. I'm certainly more sporadic than I used to be - so it's almost unfair to say I'm taking a break. I'm not. Taking a … Continue reading Knowing When to Take a Break

Three Very Different Christmases

With the UK government imposing further restrictions and tiers on the UK (which I do think are necessary), Christmas this year looks different for a lot of people. Amusingly enough, I don't fall into that category - our Christmas was already constrained by childcare bubbles and so the Christmas day travel we were planning to … Continue reading Three Very Different Christmases

My Experience At Being Self-Employed

In the past, when I thought of being self-employed as a career, I had something different in my head to the reality. Not for the purpose of naivety. I just didn't have an idea, just like every child has a different idea. But it wasn't something tangible – I didn't have a set idea of … Continue reading My Experience At Being Self-Employed

A Case Of Mutual Resignation

It's Boxing Day 2018 and I have just come home from my third interview of the week. As I wrap up warm on the sofa, my phone rings. It's the internal hiring manager from the third of the interviews. "It's good news," she says, "they want to give you the job." Relief surges through me; … Continue reading A Case Of Mutual Resignation

What’s Up Wednesday? Sept 12

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these (ha – sensing a trend), but I’ve been inspired by the revival of my friend Jae’s blog, and where better to start with a classic list? I forget how many points we’re supposed to muse over, but five is a lovely handful for now … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday? Sept 12

The Hotel Experience

It’s been a fabulous eight months and I do mean that in the most flamboyant of senses. In retrospect – 20/20 of course – it would have been interesting to have blogged about it, but when one works on shifts, on one’s feet all the time, and getting home when one’s time is late and … Continue reading The Hotel Experience

A Return to Blogging

Yes, it has been an extended time of absence, an extended time of uncertainty. You see, it’s not the adulting that’s difficult; it’s the finding time to relax amongst the adulting that we as a society struggle to achieve. With the brain so full of other things, of socialising and working, getting home becomes a … Continue reading A Return to Blogging