Where Has The Year Gone?

Wow, where have the days good? In true blink-and-miss-it style the year has passed and we sit at the last week of December already. I know I've been super absent from the blog, and actually without good reason except that working is my focus and I've not had much to offer advice or chat about. … Continue reading Where Has The Year Gone?

On Blogging

Once again, I said I would get back into blogging or at least some kind of blogging schedule, but it doesn't seem to have happened. There are those days we pass by and then look back on the quizzically. As in - how do they pass so quickly? I do keep saying it (!), but I have … Continue reading On Blogging

Being a Writer Sucks

There is not a more disheartening career for a graduate than that of the writer. Jobs are far and few in an industry that’s office-based from big cities if not only the capital, and the English writer is unlikely to access a remote internship. But it’s not just about the industry. So many successful writers … Continue reading Being a Writer Sucks

7 Quick Takes: Exam Confidence

7 Quick Takes Friday is hosted by This Ain't the Lyceum. ~1~ Work at things until they’re rote. If revising a certain topic bores you, you're probably at the stage where you understand it. ~2~ Use acronyms, aphorisms, ascriptions. Start associating the names you probably won't remember by themselves with phrases that you'll be able … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes: Exam Confidence