Hello, Titles? [Help!]

For some reason, I’ve lost the titles of a couple of my posts (specifically, the sticky once called ‘Favour the Villain’ and the TCWT chain post ‘Research Fascination’) when I made the former sticky and took the sticky off the latter. I’ve also lost the tags that go with said posts. Oddly enough, this has never happened before when I have dealt with sticky-ing and un-sticky-ing posts; I have temporarily lost the likes, but a quick refresh was enough to sort that err.

With this fault, the problems appear to be permanent. I redid the titles of both and added tags to one, but after saving/updating AND separately refreshing the page, neither kept their new titles or tags, remaining ‘(no title)’.

Ideas?? Is this WordPress or is it me?


2 thoughts on “Hello, Titles? [Help!]

  1. Not sure. Probably WordPress. I’ve noticed if I try to comment via my smartphone it will do every first letter of every word capped. So if you ever see comments like those, you’ll know where I was reading from. 😉 I guess you could search their help section.

    1. Hehe, okay. 🙂 I think I’m gonna leave it for now (and I don’t have the time or energy anyway), but if it happens again, I’m going to have to hunt through…

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