Photo of the Week: Companion

Who is that shady figure in the smoky background?

Well, it is me, of course, but I come in the guise of a beautiful woman, a stunning companion.

Yeah, I dressed as River Song for the 50th Doctor Who episode, which happened to be my friend’s birthday. We watched the episode together. To be honest, I rather liked it. I went into it with an ambivalent face; I don’t know if this is me sympathising with The Doctor, but I never liked the inclusion of the Time Lords as a democratic collective nor the skies of Gallifrey Capitol, especially when this was stepping into his own past – as Ten said, “this event should be time-locked.” The beginning was a little slow, with the three times, but I liked both their separate qualities and the way that the one storyline wove through all in the end. And Zygons. If there had to be a physical antagonist for these things, I’m glad it wasn’t a) Daleks, b) Cybermen, c) Weeping Angels. *cough* Overdone. *cough*

I’d like to go on, but I’m not sure how well I can properly review TV programs, so I’ll leave you there. There are many more reviews in the internet for those interested.

Sultry, eh? xD
Sultry, eh? xD

For all I thought this photo turned out badly (the friend who took it is a photographer herself, so I mean to throw the blame here onto my terrible camera phone), I quite like its abstract, lack of full-fat colour scheme. This gives my River a backdrop, a silky, secretive side that Alex Kingston’s River bears in the actual show.

The real photograph was full-length, hence the pixellated gradient here, but the cropping placement was my own. Yeah, I know that’s not a lot to say for myself…

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