Keeping Up With Miss Alexandrina (Again)

Sorry for my absence from the blog for a few days. I moved into my new shared accommodation, and, as well as adjusting to that, we did not have WiFi and still haven’t got some.

However, this does allow me some writing and reading time – though the latter sometimes eats into the former, a first for me, who, she admits, prefers the former.

I finished EXTRAORDINARY MEANS, and enjoyed it more than I thought. Even the ending wasn’t too sad. I haven’t been getting along with SPLINTERED for some reason; I keep finding myself having to reread to understand character motives and general plot progression. The pace is too fast for my liking.

I’ve started Dexter’s THE SECRET OF ANNEXE 3 – because a) the book was there (‘there’ thusly being in a charity shop for £2), b) why not?, and c) guilt-free leisure Morse + Oxford + mystery fiction. I’m also getting along with – and by that I mean I munched through and finished a couple of days ago – THE WEREDOG WHISPERER, which I got on sale last year, but (as is with me and ebooks) started it but didn’t carry on. I love the voice and the spunk, so it was another easy read.

I wonder why I was attracted to mysteries in the first place… 😉 

In the writing stakes, I am doing moderately. After a slow and somewhat trepidacious start to my new novella (codenamed ASB303), I have, as of writing, so far achieved just over 10,000 words for CampNaNoWriMo this year. Considering that it’s the eighth today, and I ought to be writing 2,000 per day if a) I’m to finish this novella this month, and b) achieve the goal of 50,000, I’m fearfully behind.

At the same time, though, there are times when I try to get into the writing mood and cannot. We’ll have to see. For the time-being, I should be getting on with CampNaNoWriMo. I’m writing a foody kind of scene, where my main character are walking through the stalls of a circus.

Yet, the circus held more than the paraphernalia one might purchase, especially for May. Foodstuffs, if one afforded it – and Summer could, what with free luncheons she earnt as a junior academic – lay in their eyesight, too. Candyfloss, a new treat of spun strings of raw sugar, the size of one’s head. Pork pies stuffed to the brim in goo-filled delicacy. Egg-custard tarts with cinnamon laced on the top.

Thoughts, comments, replies...

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