All Things Are Passing Me

time-passing1This week passed in lightning speed. I wrote and emptied my mind and pieced the edges of thought back together. I remembered – I recalled – and then I forgot. Sometimes, having more than one personality means conflict within the mind or the soul (or whatever state of metaphysics we might want to say). These many states of living all parade themselves as the most important, when I simply need to sort and apply them all.

It was National Grammar Day in England on Monday. I barely batted an eyelid: I noticed the trend with surprise, pressed in 140 characters as a Neanderthal might, and got on with my evening. It will be World Book Day tomorrow, which I await with eager anticipation. There are so many days for our diaries that one must gloss over many without much realisation. Time passes.

But I should have indicated the more important to myself. I should have at least noticed.

I can’t even remember the date last week – I might have been a Friday – when it was Rare Disease Day. Again, it had been on Twitter that I had noticed the alerts and requests for attention. (One thinks: were it not for Twitter…) I retweeted CHECT’s tweets to raise my own awareness as much as that of other people’s. Yet, what else did I do for the event? You may know that I support as many charities as I can; however, I had brushed over this one especially dear to my heart due to close bereavement from Retinoblastoma, concerned more with my current form, such as editing.

It doesn’t feel right to do so.

Especially throughout Lent – the real season for giving – we must train ourselves to the higher purposes. I must bring to mind not only the school support of my outer personality and its Lenten charities, but also the external and internet support I must add to.

Too, I only just recalled Self-Harm Awareness Day when writing this. I Googled it. I have missed it by four days.

Another cause dear to me and I had raced through the early 2013 months without remembering that I might need to double-check my calendar and respects.

Time…there’s not enough off it. In this age of speed and instantaneous gratification, we tend to forget to take those moments out to spare a thought for others or to jot the clouds down.

That is why, today, I write this.

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